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In the economic world of change that we find ourselves in today, we’re required to continuously learn, constantly reflect, and always reinvent ourselves from different personal and professional perspectives. Adjusting can quickly become a challenging task.

Maintain effectiveness and achieve professional goals in an intensely competitive market. Focus on understanding new trends, leveling up your skills and practicing self-development.

These are critical and defining factors that could change the trajectory of your career. We are experiencing more than new trends – we are moving into a new era.

My mission is to provide seamless transitions for today´s professionals.

Aylin Ihnen M.B.A.
Consultant – Trainer – Founder of SBR

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  • Get insights & research results of trends

    We research new trends daily for consulting services & to keep you updated.

  • Utilize scientifical & practical approaches

    We work with methods that are either scientifically proven or that we apply in projects.

  • Get first-hand subject-matter expertise

    We have a network of experts that we can draw on and help you with specific questions.


What some of my clients say

Aylin Ihnen is characterized by absolute professionalism and goal-oriented work. Projects that she has implemented with us were very diverse and complex.

She always kept the overview and brought calm into the team. Her extensive network was very helpful in that she was able to organize external resources on short notice and thus ensure the final success in critical phases of the projects.

It was a pleasure to meet Aylin as my online trainer during a seminar in digital leadership. Aylin is not only characterized by a great expertise in the field of Digital Transformation, but also by high communication skills and enthusiasm in communicating her knowledge.

The alternation of theory and practical exercises in small groups with subsequent discussions ensure a maximum transfer of knowledge. She moderates the groups with clarity and goal orientation. Aylin is always approachable and gives good impulses to solve complex tasks. Her statements are binding and she is always ready to react flexibly to group topics.

I assigned Aylin as my Business Consultant & Advisor. We started by giving her a 6-month project assignment to implement a global newsletter in 21 countries.

Due to excellent work results – in time and budget – we extended her contract for another 12 months and assigned her to two other strategic projects, e.g. leading the GDPR initiative of the global marketing team in 12 European countries. She managed the introduction of GDPR for all marketing channels in cooperation with a team of experts, which she put together within a short period of time.

Aylin is a self-starter, she knows exactly what she needs to achieve fast results. She is excellent at communicating with international teams and motivating people to support her projects and initiatives. Give her a task, a deadline and a budget and she will implement it. It was a great experience and a lot of fun to work with her – both personally and professionally.

I got to know and appreciate Aylin as an online trainer in my course “Digital Leadership”. Halfway through our course, she stepped in for another lecturer and managed to adapt to the heterogeneous group in terms of both content and people within a very short time.

She was able to convey the topics quickly, but always in an understandable way. I myself had no management experience at the time and still felt very comfortable. I was particularly impressed by her positive energy with which she started each day and guided us through dry topics with a certain lightness. Thanks for that!

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