COVID-19 Pandemic and German Automotive Enterprises. The German automotive industry is under pressure.

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New Leadership Beyond Skills

The advancing digitalization, the constant accessibility, and the increasing pressure to perform & succeed are the challenges of today’s business world – this especially applies to professionals in leadership positions.

Many people in leadership roles are looking for new strategies to manage stress, optimize work effectiveness, optimize team-building and improve team productivity.

Mindfulness can be an essential building block and a significant opportunity for you – if you are in a leadership role.

Your Starter Guide to ASMR & Meditation! When life at work becomes chaotic, it can be extremely tempting to feel as if we have no control over the unfolding events before us.

Workplace stress is not an experience to underestimate. We all naturally offload from time to time about our work.

Let’s have a look at the new era of enterprises, entrepreneurs, and professionals and think beyond products and services to focus on meaningfulness and making a positive contribution to the environment.