Hi & Welcome – I’m Aylin.

I work as a multidisciplinary organizational problem-solver – I’m an advisor and facilitator with nearly 30 years of business experience as an employee, freelancer, and entrepreneur.

I’m an urban city girl at heart, a spiritual country life resident, and dog-mom to my gentle giant, Wotan.

Cheers, Aylin

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My Story in short:

I did what most life coaches and advisors would tell you not to do: I never had a master plan, a strategy, or an explicit career aspiration.

I deeply trust my intuition – sometimes I succeed, other times fail, but I always learn.

Love experimenting – breaking new ground – taking advantage of opportunities – or exploring beyond my comfort zones.

My 3 Mantras

  • Get advice & ideas but trust your intuition first! Everybody has a unique path that can’t be duplicated.

  • Do things that scare you the most to stretch your comfort zones.

  • Constantly reflect on yourself by getting feedback from genuine people who love you & believe in you.

Professional Background

Entrepreneur from an Early Age: Producing Merch for Public Figures & International Brands

At 19, founded first start-up producing merch (textile, leather, noble metal, e.g. silver, gold coating).

We negotiated licensing agreements, designed, produced the first sample series, managed the approval process with large clients, conducted quality control, imported customized merchandising products.

We worked together with international suppliers from India, Italy, and Turkey to produce tailored merchandise for music groups.

Some of the most popular ones were the Backstreet Boys, The Scorpions, and Rammstein and multinational enterprises like R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (famous for Camel cigarettes).

Due to our lack of financial management experience, the business went bankrupt after four years.

Ironically, a career with financial institutions was in my future.

Banking - Closing contracts with
JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers

After this experience, I went back to continue my studies. I started working as a Call Center Agent in electronic/online banking “Bank 24” – a Deutsche Bank subsidiary.

I started in online brokerage for on- and off-exchange commission trading of stocks, options, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Deutsche Bank set up my knowledge base for the assignment later: Product Management of electronic on/off-exchange Brokerage for stocks & options trading at Citigroup subsidiary, Germany.

Main responsibilities included technical & qualitative order processing, managing backend & frontend maintenance, and set the procedural base for offshoring of system maintenance to India.

For Citigroup Germany, I implemented trading platforms like XETRA Best and closed off-exchange trading partnerships with giants like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

Freelance Consulting Kick-off

Parallel to my permanent position as a business consultant for a small IT consulting company, I completed an M.B.A.

My first freelance consulting assignment came soon after, as a marketing executive for a global investment banking organization with members from 42 countries.

I reported directly to the chairman of the executive committee, a visionary I respect to this day.

The project was very challenging in every aspect. It was also one of my most formative experiences – a heart project and turning point.

Since then, I have been able to work for different companies in diverse areas related to business management and marketing.


Over the past 5 years, I have successfully managed to diversify my services to 30% advisory and 70% content creation and education (teaching at universities, educational institutions and conducting facilitation workshops or corporate training).

This concept works well for me – professionally and personally.

I focus on working with people – teaching subject matter comes secondary.

Helping to resolve professional blockades, analyzing potential and natural aptitude, and capitalizing on unique strengths is the foundation of utilizing individual capabilities and unlocking professional treasures. At least, that’s what I believe.

Everybody is a genius.
But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein

This is important.


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I always told myself that if I got married, I would only get married once. And that’s what I’ve done. Timo and I have been happily married for almost a decade now. We pretty much live an alternative, organic lifestyle, enjoy travel, and love our close-knit chosen family who has been supporting us and our projects.

Supporters & Inspirers

Love my valuable wonderful friends that helped me personally grow and taught me the most valuable lessons. Incredible individuals who have had a significant impact on my life.

I´m lucky to meet them early on and for that, I am infinitely grateful!

Supporters & Inspirers

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Organic Healthy Eating

Image Organic Healthy Nutrition - Meet Aylin Page

Organic Healthy Eating

Unhealthy eating habits have an impact on wellbeing. After experimenting for a while, I have established an intuitive wholistic & organic diet that meets 5 important criteria:

  • occupies less than 20 minutes of time,
  • supports my energy-balance,
  • is easy for my body to identify and process,
  • helps to manage craves,
  • helps relaxation & wellbeing.

Wellbeing & Creativity

I am an empathetic person – more exposed to energies and environmental influences than people without this personality trait.

Taking care of my wellbeing, giving myself emotional space for creativity, and building resilience is an essential need for me. I value and nurture this quality of mine daily.

Wellbeing & Creativity

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Gentle Giant

Image Wotan The Hunter

Gentle Giant

My fury fellow, Sir Wotan, and daily ‘it’s time to take a break’ reminder. We met in a Romanian dog shelter and my gentle giant (German Shorthair Pointer) is a real sweetheart.

If you want to support foreign animal rights organizations, please click here to find out more about the incredible work of Raluca Vasile in Bucharest.

Working on New Ideas

I develop my own methodologies, design new approaches to problems – and repeatedly test and improve them. My best practices help clients and myself to continuously improve at what we do.

Working on New Ideas

Image Aylin Working on New Ideas - Meet Aylin Page

Working with People

Image Aylin Working with People - Meet Aylin Page

Working with People

Working as a consultant for people or companies comes with a responsibility. I do my job out of genuine conviction and strive to contribute to an added value by enabling long-term improvements. I must confess – I love my profession.

What are your experiences with balancing workload & taking care of yourself at the same time?

 How do you manage to establish a healthy lifestyle for yourself with limited time resources?  Leave a comment or write me an email.

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Aylin Ihnen – M.B.A.

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