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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

– Benjamin Franklin –

There are endless ways to improve your skills. It is becoming increasingly important for trainers to develop strategies that sustainably address the specific learning needs of course participants in order to create a healthy basis for their success.

Participate in interactive & inclusive programs – that we designed based on our experiences, with engaging & practical teaching methods. Learn from practitioners, such as project managers and subject matter experts, to drive performance.

Today’s business environment requires us to do more than just learning new skills. It also requires us to…

  • leverage our strengths.
  • understand our weaknesses.
  • continuously develop ourselves with self-development techniques.

Training Formats

We have developed creative & cohesive learning formats to meet the diversity of our clients’ individual needs.

Video Training based on workplace Screnarios

Designed from the perspective of the learner & based on practical cases.

Manage remote challenges

Online Meeting Management


Learn how to prepare & manage creative online meetings with stakeholders, project teams, or international colleagues.

Level: Beginner

One-a-day practice Bootcamp Workshops

Learn new skills in a one-day workshop bootcamp.

Manage remote challenges

Master critical online meetings


Present yourself & your initiative confidently to critical audiences to achieve successful results.

Level: Advanced

Instantly-Apply Workshops

Designed for professionals who want to finish the program with a customized roadmap/action plan that can be applied immediately at workplace.

New Leadership

Emotional Intelligence


Understand Emotional Intelligence (EI) in leadership roles, test your EI using scientifically proven methods & learn practices to optimize your observational skills.

Level: Advanced

Close Your Skills Gaps in 4-Steps

Professional confidence is built on competence

We only teach what we apply. The workshops are based on practical case stories & use cases from projects & initiatives.

Step 1

Choose Your Course

Refresh your knowledge or learn a new skill.

Coming Soon!

We are currently developing three courses for you – two workshops and one video training on demand.

Would you like to be informed when we launch a course?

Step 2

Complete The Questionnaire

The courses are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

In the workshop sessions, the content is customized to your specific needs.

When you register for a workshop, you will receive a short questionnaire with five questions by email.

Please help us by answering the questions!

Step 3

Customize the Roadmap or Action Plan

Each video training or workshop includes step-by-step instructions that you can follow to customize the roadmap or action plan we provide.

After completing the course, you can follow your roadmap and start applying what you have learned.

Step 4

Kick-off – Launch – Shine

After completing a course, you can immediately kick-off your initiatives. Follow your roadmap or action plan to integrate your learned techniques into your daily workflow and deliver quick results.

Contact us in case you encounter challenges during the execution.


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