Image Episode 1 - Pancake The Multilayers to Business Podcast


The advancing digitalization, the constant accessibility, and the increasing pressure to perform & succeed are today’s business world’s & new leadership´s challenges. This specifically applies to leadership & management roles.

You probably heard of buzzwords like new leadership, mindful leadership, and personal development, e.g., increasing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ), which have been particularly hyped by the media lately.

When you are in a leadership role, you might seek new strategies to manage stress, optimize work effectiveness, optimize team-building and improve team productivity.

Mindfulness can be an essential building block and a significant opportunity for you – if you are in a leadership role.



  • The Expectations in Contemporary Leadership (1:30 - 3:25)

    Managing constant change with ever-growing competitive pressures come with many requirements in leadership roles. In the introduction to the podcast episode, I shortly summarize the key challenges and expectations in contemporary leadership roles.

  • Definition & Advantages of Mindful Leadership (3:27 - 6:26)

    Learn how leaders can train their ability of mindfulness as an integral part of their daily work routine to stay more present, focused, productive, and resilient in the midst of an accelerated work environment.

  • How to Start with Mindful Leadership (6:27 - 16:07)

    Tips on personal-development training via mindfulness practices and routines.

  • Mindful Communication (16:10 - 23:59)

    Mindful communication includes a greater level of awareness in listening and speaking. It involves applying principles of mindfulness to the way we communicate with others. In this part, I speak about practical examples on how to apply mindful communication at your workplace.

  • Mindful Team Management (24:04 - 44:00)

    An increasing number of large organizational structures are promoting individual mindfulness programs for health & wellbeing. This can lead to greater team mindfulness as well. In this part of the episode, I explain the first steps towards building a mindful team culture as a leader.