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Innovative Keynote & Buy-in Presentations – Start in 5 Steps

Would you like to convey your ideas and work results through convincing presentations?

Indeed – business presentations are still the most important communication medium in the business world and an integral part of daily work.

Especially, from the perspective of 1. self and career development; 2. presenting yourself & your subject-matter in the best light; 3. fundraising for initiatives; 4. most importantly: Your valuable reputation/credibility in front of important audiences.

In this episode, Aylin introduces an agile – design-oriented – approach to preparing presentations. The approach was originally developed for innovators, company founders, and designers to produce inspiring and understandable pitch presentations and keynotes.

The agile approach – or sub-elements of it – can be easily applied to all kinds of presentations. Aylin introduces keynote and buy-in presentations.




  • Approach to Prepare Impactful Presentations (1:57 - 17:20)

    How to prepare convincing & impactful business presentations by utilizing an approach that includes target audience centricity, visual thinking, rapid prototyping, and instant testing.

  • New Test Results of 3 Helpful Websites (17:21 - 26:40)

    Summary of the test results from three websites that offer free presentation templates, slide decks, and various design-items that can be used for business presentations.

  • Social Buzzword of the Week: NFT - Non-Fungible Token (26:45 - 40:10)

    Aylin talks about this week’s “social media buzzword”: NFT (Non-Fungible Token). She explains the definition, history, relevance, and on which platform you sign up as a creator.

  • New Business Features on Social Media Platforms (40:15 - 47:05)

    Summary of new business-related features on LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, TikTok, and Twitter.

  • Meditation (49:01 - 54:42)

    If you want to relieve stress before the start of the weekend – join Aylin for the 2-minute meditation at the end of this episode.


Book with Worksheets for Agile Presentation Design: PEAK (

Elements of Stories for Business Presentation: The Heroes Journey

Platform of Examples for NFTs in Digital Arts: CryptoPunks (

Platform to sign up your NFT as a creator: Nifty Gateway

Blockchain Explanation by Reuters: Blockchain Explanation (

Websites, Aylin Tested for Free Presentation Templates & Slide Decks: Canva; YouExec; TheSlideQuest

Twitter Business Planner 2021 for helpful tips and creative best practices: Twitter Planner 2021

Image by Shutterstock