How to get fast results – in a short time – with small groups

Innovation is ranked as a top performer in new work environments. One source of innovation is creativity.

Creativity – helps us to create and develop new ideas, services, products.

It helps to solve problems, and think “outside the box” – outside: what’s normal to us.

Additionally – it also supports building a healthy team culture & spirit by encouraging authenticity and a playful/fun approach to work tasks.

There is a wide range of methods to choose from. Creativity techniques are an integral part of new work approaches, such as Design Thinking, Service-Oriented Design, or Experimental Product & Service Development, because innovation and creativity are the basis for working with these categories of approaches!

Generate quick results in a short time – with a small group of people – to work on important tasks and key initiatives.

Think creativity as an integral part of your work processes!




  • General Introduction to Creativity Techniques (2:00 - 7:22)

    Introduction of the importance of creativity techniques in new work environments.

  • The Five Phases of a Creative Process (07:24 - 11:08)

    Learn more about the five phases of creative processes to achieve many productive results in a short period of time.

  • Creativity Methods & Helpful Techniques (11:17 - 28:57)

    Introduction of three types of creativity methods and a presentation of four creativity techniques (two for webinars & online courses) you can apply in your daily work.

  • Artificial Intelligence Tools - Test Results at a Glance (29:00 - 35:14)

    Summary of this week´s tool testing results of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to help you write blog posts.

  • Social Media Platform News (35:17 - 40:00)

    Aylin summarizes important Social Media platform news of the week – relevant for your business accounts.

  • Meditation (40:05-46:28)

    If you want to relieve stress before the start of the weekend – join Aylin for the 2-minute meditation at the end of this episode.