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Approach to Set Priorities, Empower Teams & Promote Transparency

The OKR framework is established at companies like Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Due to the effectiveness of the method – many companies are starting to integrate OKR as a strategic business approach.

The English term Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) refers to the management method that combines the goals of the company with the goals of each employee and sets goals on a quarterly basis.

Employee Engagement & Commitment to the corporate mission & the companies purpose is an important asset to OKR.



  • Introduction (1:45-3:44)

    Definition and General introduction of Objectives & Key Results (OKRs).

  • History & Advantages (3:48-13:00)

    Learn more about the history and the advantages of OKR at a glance.

  • OKR versus MBO (13:03-17:58)

    The comparison of two goal-oriented management approaches: Objectives & Key Results (ORK) versus Management by Objectives (MBO).

  • Integration in Traditional Organizational Structures (18:00-21:20)

    Aylin summarizes helpful tips to integrate OKRs in traditional organizations.

  • Test Results of the Week (21:25-25:18)

    Learn more about a Website builder to create a landing page in less than 3 hours.

  • Social Media Platform News (25:25-26:25)

    Aylin presents a new Feature on the Social Media platform Twitter that is relevant for your business accounts.


OKR Playbook: Gtmhub. OKRs software.

Interview with Rick Klau – Partner at Google Ventures:

Behavioral Branding Definition:

Behavioral Branding as a Customer-Centric Strategy: Business & Management Book Chapter | IGI Global (

Website Builder: Build Beautiful Websites Without Code – Dorik

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