Privacy policy

This privacy statement is effective as of February 15, 2021. Please note that this privacy statement will regularly be updated to reflect any changes regarding your personal data in applicable laws.

This page contains information regarding the responsible provider of this website:

Aylin Ihnen – Business Consulting & Training
(Representative of: SBR –

c/o Grosch Postflex #1904
Emsdettener Str. 10

48268 Greven – Germany


VAT ID: DE306604325

Aylin Ihnen (hereafter “provider”) protects the personal data and data relating to you (“your personal data”; “your data”) and which rights you have concerning the processing of your personal data. In case you have any questions or remarks regarding data protection beyond this information, please do not hesitate to contact the provider for further assistance.

This website’s supervisory authority is Lower Saxony’s supervisory authority (“Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz Niedersachsen”). If you have any questions or complaints, you can contact this authority.

Below, you find a general description of how your personal data is protected. Furthermore, you’ll find specific information on the following:

  • How your personal data is used when you visit the providers website
  • How Cookies (and other tracking technologies) are used
  • How your personal data is used for marketing purposes

How does the provider protect your personal data?

This website’s provider attaches great importance to your right to privacy and protecting your personal data.

Your personal data is protected following applicable EU laws (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR).

The following sections provide further details as to how the provider processes your personal data:

  • Which categories of personal data are collected, and how the personal data is processed?
  • For which purposes and on which legal base is the personal data used?
  • Is your data shared with third parties?
  • Where will your personal data be processed?
  • How long will your personal data be retained?
  • Which rights do you have concerning the processing of your personal data?

Which categories of personal data are getting collected, and how is your personal data processed?

The provider collects personal data of clients, prospects, vendors, contacts to existing business relationships (Networks, Experts, Organizations, etc.) and this website’s users.

The personal data collected includes the categories of personal data explained in the following sections: “How is the personal data used when you visit this website?”, “How is the personal data used when you visit Social Media sites of the provider, which are connected to this website?“, “How are Cookies used (and other tracking technologies)?” and “How is personal data used for marketing purposes?”, additionally other categories of personal data mentioned in this statement.

Below is also a chart describing some categories of personal data we collect:

Education information and professional-related information.If necessary, we may collect information about your education level, professional background, or learning preferences for clients’ educational training purposes.
Financial information for payment purposesYour banking and other relevant financial details and purchase/payment history may need payment-related purposes regarding your purchases.
Business contract-related informationSubject of contract, duration of assignment/contract, customer category
General business-related information to conduct our businessCustomer service, marketing, research and advertisement, business partnerships, contractors, networks, suppliers
Research-related information You may provide information in polls, questionnaires, online-tests, chats, general feedback, and other research-related information. The information is used to help us to optimize services. You will receive more information about the nature of such research before your attendance in them.

How is your personal data used?

Please review the table below for which the website’s provider uses your personal data, including the legal base, for the related purpose.

PurposeLegal basis
Managing the contractual relationship with youFoundation for the execution of a contract to which you are a party
Social listening; identifying and assessing what is being said about this website’s provider on social media for publicly accessible content to understand perception, intent, mood, and market trends to improve products and services. It will be applied through keyword searches to get insights into communication trends over a specified period and not identified individually.Justified based on legitimate interest to protect the brand on social media
Improving the security and functioning of our website, networks, and information.Justified based on our legitimate interests for ensuring that you receive user experience and our networks and information are secure.
Undertaking data analytics, e.g., applying analytics to the provider and data’s business performance to describe, predict, and improve business execution to provide a better user experience. (more details on how we run analytics on our website can be found in the Cookie Policy section).Justified based on our legitimate interests for ensuring the provider’s business execution and performance’s proper functioning.
Marketing the products and services to you (unless you stated you are not interested in such processing, as further described in the section “How do we use personal data for marketing purposes” below).Justified based on our legitimate interests to assure that business can be conducted and increased.

The points in the table mentioned above rely on legitimate interests for a given purpose. Nevertheless, the provider believes that your interests and rights or freedoms do not override legitimate interests.

The provider provides transparency on the processing activity, regular privacy reviews, and your rights concerning the processing activity.

Your personal data will be processed for the purposes listed above based on your prior consent, to the extent such consent is mandatory under applicable laws.

Consent: You are asked to click on/mark a checkbox “I accept,” “I agree,” or similar buttons/checkboxes/functionalities concerning the privacy statement; doing so will be considered as providing your consent to process your personal data in the countries where this type of consent is mandatory by regional law regulation.

In all other countries, the consent mentioned above will be considered an acknowledgment. The legal basis of your personal data processing will not be your consent but any other – regionally applicable legal basis.

Your personal data will not be used for purposes that are incompatible with the purposes of which you have been informed unless it is required or authorized by law to do so.

Where will your personal data be processed?

The provider operates internationally and is based in Germany. The collected personal data reflects the European data privacy law standards according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data transfer to third countries

If we process data in a third country (i.e., outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA)) or if this is done in the context of using the services of third parties or disclosure or transfer of data to third parties, this will only take place if it is done to fulfill our (pre-)contractual obligations, based on your consent, based on a legal obligation or the basis of our legitimate interests.

Subject to legal or contractual permissions, we will only process or transfer the data in a third country if the special requirements of Art. 44 ff. GDPR.

This means that the processing is carried out, for example, based on special guarantees, such as the officially recognized determination of a level of data protection corresponding to that of the EU (e.g., for the USA through the “Privacy Shield”) or compliance with officially recognized special contractual obligations (so-called “standard contractual clauses”).

How long will your personal data be maintained?

Your personal data will only be maintained as long as necessary. Your personal data will be deleted after a reasonable time related to the following criteria:

  • Your personal data is maintained as long as there is an ongoing business relationship with you.
  • The data will be kept while your account is still active or as long as needed while delivering services to you.
  • Your data is maintained as long as necessary to comply with the contractual obligations with you.
  • Your data is maintained as long as applicable laws postulate

Which rights do you have regarding the processing of your personal data?

You are, under certain conditions, entitled (in the circumstances and under the conditions, and subject to the exceptions, set out in applicable law) to:

  • Inquire access to your personal data which is processed about you: this entitles you to know whether we hold personal data about you and, if that´s the case, to receive information on a copy of that personal data – provided in a structured, established, and machine-readable format.
  • Request an amendment of your personal data: this entitles you to get your personal data corrected if it is inexact or incomplete.
  • Object to your personal data processing: this gives you the right to request that the provider no longer process your personal data.
  • Request the deletion of your personal data: this right entitles you to request your personal data deletion.
  • Request your personal data processing limitation: this gives you the right to request that the provider only processes your personal data in restricted circumstances, with your consent.

To the extent that your personal data processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw such consent at any time by

Please note that this will not affect the provider´s right to process personal data obtained before withdrawing your consent.

If, despite our commitment and efforts to protect your personal data, you believe that your data privacy rights have been violated, please contact the provider first to seek a resolution of your complaint.

Conduct of contractual services

We process general data (e.g., names and addresses and contact data of users), contract data (e.g., services used, names of contact persons, payment information) to fulfill our contractual obligations and services following Art. 6 para. 1 lit b. GDPR. The entries marked as obligatory in online forms are required for the conclusion of the contract.

When using our online services, we store the IP address and the respective user action time. The storage is based on our legitimate interests and the user’s protection against misuse and unauthorized use.

This data will not be passed on to third parties unless it is necessary to pursue our claims or there is a legal obligation to do so following Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. c GDPR.

We process usage data (e.g., the visited web pages of our online offer, interest in our products) and content data (e.g., entries in the contact form or user profile) for advertising purposes in a user profile to show the user, e.g., product information based on the services they have used so far.

The deletion of the data is carried out after the expiry of the legal warranty and comparable obligations.

The necessity of keeping the data is reviewed every three years; in legal archiving obligations, the deletion is carried out after their expiry. Data in any customer account will remain until its deletion.

Data processing for contact management, financial accounting, office organization and administration

We process data within the framework of administrative tasks and our operations, financial accounting, and compliance with legal obligations, such as archiving.

In doing so, we process the same data that we process within the scope of providing our contractual services.

The basis for processing is article 6 paragraph 1 letter c. GDPR, Art. 6 paras. 1 lit. f. GDPR. Customers, interested parties, business partners, and website visitors are affected by the processing.

The purpose of and our interest in processing lies in the administration, financial accounting, office organization, archiving of data, i.e., tasks that serve to maintain our business activities, perform our tasks and provide our services.

The deletion of the data concerning contractual services and contractual communication corresponds to the data mentioned in these processing activities.

We disclose or transfer data to the tax authorities, consultants, tax consultants, and other fee agencies and payment service providers.

Furthermore, we store information on suppliers, event organizers, and other business partners based on our business interests, e.g., contacting them later. We store this company-related data permanently.

How is your personal data used when you visit the provider´s website?

Additional to the information mentioned above, the following chapters describe how your personal data is used when you visit the provider´s website:

  • Which personal data is gathered?
  • How and why is the personal data used that is collected from this website?
  • About Cookies and web analysis
  • About web analysis
  • When you get in contact with us via the website
  • About contact forms
  • About content and third-party technologies

Which types of personal data are gathered on the website?

The provider collects personal data at its website: (A) directly (e.g., provided personal data for signing up for a newsletter or register to comment on the blog website); and (B) indirectly (e.g., via the technology of the provider’s website).

The following personal data may be collected:

  • Personal data provided by filling in forms on the website (for instance, name, e-mail, country of residence), e.g., registering to create content for the blog, registering to purchase a product, subscribing to online-services, e.g., newsletter and alerts, registering for an online event or requesting online documents, e.g., white papers, fact sheets, market reports, or other information.
  • If you contact the provider, we may keep a record of the correspondence.
  • During your visit to the website, you may be asked to participate in surveys, questionnaires, or feedback on provided services for research purposes or product enhancements. You can decide whether you would like to respond to them.
  • The posts, comments, or other content you provide or post to the provider’s website (IP address are collected for the provider’s safety in case of illegal content being published by users, such as insults, harassment, or political propaganda).

The provider’s website collects personal data about your computer (where available): with each visit to the provider´s website, your internet browser sends information to the website server, which is stored on so-called “log files.”

The following data is logged and stored:

  • the IP address of your computer
  • the date and time of your access and duration on the website
  • type of accessed files and retrieved content items and URL´s
  • the website which directed you to the provider´s website (referral page)
  • the name of your internet provider and operating system
  • including, but not limited to, traffic data, location data, weblogs, and any other data of communication (further information available in Cookies section).

How and why is the personal data used that is collected from this website?

Collecting and processing the data mentioned above makes the use of the provider´s website possible (purpose: for establishing the connection). Furthermore, it enables continuous system security and optimizes the website’s customer experience and internal statistics.

The IP address is only used in case of attacks on the website infrastructure, illegal abuse of the website, and statistical analysis without any conclusions regarding your personal identity.

According to article 6 para 1 (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it takes place under consideration.

Any further storage of log files is required; these are excluded from deletion until the applicable incident gets clarified.

The data collected data will be deleted after four weeks at the latest.

About Cookies and web analysis

Cookies are small text files that contain a pseudonymized alias (this de-identifies the data but allows reidentification of the data later, if necessary). This means the attributes cannot be linked to a person.

Cookies store user information from devices (tablet, laptop, mobile, etc.). Most internet browsers offer functionality to reduce Cookies or completely deactivate them.

Nevertheless, deactivating cookies can reduce user experience, e.g., due to images not getting displayed.

You have the option to manage online advertisement cookies from the USA on this website or via the EU website

Cookies used on this website may include cookies for allocation of, e.g., bank card (in case you purchase a product), which are in this case, mandatory for your purchasing/buying process (the basis of saving these cookies is outlined in the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The user information provided in the registration process on the website by entering a name, address, and e-mail is used to request more information or a binding offer.

The provider may use the provided information to inform the user via e-mail about changes in the binding offer and/or technical circumstances.

The cookies are used on this website can be categorized as generally required, functionality-related cookies or service-related cookies.

“Generally required” cookies help the provider make the website more friendly to the user and continuously optimize user experience (UX). Actions performed by you are stored for the duration of your respective visit to the website.

These cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser.

“Function-related” cookies help the website’s provider enhance the website according to your personal preferences, e.g., country of residence and language preferences.

“Service-related” cookies support us with measuring the utilization of the website. These cookies will give the provider of the website insights about the most frequently visited sites or underperforming sites.

This information helps the provider to identify potentials for further website improvements.

When you visit this website, the Cookie Management Center asks you to select your preferred privacy settings. You are allowed to approve, decline, or get notified about new cookies.

As mentioned above in this chapter, if you delete or deactivate cookies, it might cause that parts of this website to be dysfunctional or not displayed on your screen correctly.

Please note that deleting cookies might also mean that your “opt-out cookies” are deleted as well. In this case, please do not forget to reactivate your “opt-out cookies” setting.

This website also uses cookies, which enable the provider to analyze your surfing behavior on the website (mentioned above as “service-related cookies”). This website’s web analysis tool is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Google Analytics

Based on legitimate interests (i.e., interest in the analysis, optimization, and economic operation of our online offering within the meaning of Art. 6 paras. 1 lit. f. GDPR), we use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google LLC (“Google”).

Google uses cookies – the cookie’s information about the usage of the website users’ online offer – is transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored there.

Google is certified under the Privacy Shield agreement and thereby offers a guarantee of compliance with European data protection law: (

Google will use this information on our behalf to evaluate your use of our website, compiling reports on website activity for website operators, and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage.

In doing so, pseudonymous usage profiles of the users can be created from the processed data.

We only use Google Analytics with IP anonymization activated. This means that Google shortens users’ IP addresses within member states of the European Union or other contracting states of the Agreement on the European Economic Area.

Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and shortened there.

The IP address transmitted by the user’s browser is not merged with other data from Google.

Users can prevent the storage of cookies by setting their browser software accordingly; users can also prevent the collection of the data generated by the cookie and related to their use of the online offer to Google, as well as the processing of this data by Google, by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available at the following link:

As an alternative to the browser add-on or within browsers on mobile devices, please click this link to prevent the collection by Google Analytics within this website in the future:

This will place an opt-out cookie on your device. If you delete your cookies, you must click this link again.

For more information about Google’s use of data, settings, and opt-out options, please refer to Google’s privacy policy ( and the settings for the display of advertising by Google (

The personal data of the users will be deleted or anonymized after 14 months.

About website hosting

We use the hosting services to provide the following services: Infrastructure and platform services, computing capacity, storage space and database services, security services, and technical maintenance services that we use to operate this online offer.

In doing so, we or our hosting provider processes inventory data, contact data, content data, contract data, usage data, meta and communication data of customers, interested parties, and visitors of this online offer based on our legitimate interests in an efficient and secure provision of this online offer following Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR in conjunction with Art. 28 GDPR (conclusion of contract processing agreement).

When you get in contact with us

On the website of the provider, you will find different options to contact the provider. These are the different communication channels to get in touch with the service provider: e-mail, contact form on the website, social media, telephone.

To process stored according to Art 6 Section 1’s regulatory requirements. f) GD to process the user requests.

The communication between your browser and the servers is SSL encrypted, as indicated by the “HTTPS” before the website address.

In case you wish to use a contact form to send a message to the provider, your entered data, like your name, e-mail, country, and message submitted, is stored and exclusively used for individual communication with you.

The legal basis for your personal data processing is – if the user’s consent has been given – article 6 para 1 (a) GDPR.

About content and links to other websites and programs (third parties)?

The provider’s website may include the following:

  • Links to and from the sites of partner networks, advertisements, and affiliates.
  • Third-party programs, like widgets and apps or links to pages, such as Vimeo or YouTube, may be included. In this case, please note that such third parties may collect and process your personal data through their own programs and purposes.

The provider does not accept any responsibility or liability for the third parties’ sites or programs. Please check the third parties’ terms of use and privacy statements before using and providing any information to such parties’ sites and programs.

The third parties mentioned above are further described in the section “Online presence on social media platforms.”

How is your personal data used for marketing purposes?

The following chapters describe how personal data is used for marketing purposes:

  • About targeted e-mails
  • About sharing personal data with third parties
  • What are your rights regarding marketing communication?

Newsletter/News Alerts

With the following information, we inform you about our newsletter/news alert contents and the registration, dispatch, statistical evaluation procedure, and your rights of objection.

By subscribing to our newsletter/news alert, you agree to receive it and the procedures described.

Content of the newsletter/news alert: We send newsletters, e-mails, news alerts, and other electronic notifications with promotional information (hereinafter “newsletter”) only with the recipients’ consent or legal permission.

Insofar as the newsletter contents are specifically described in the context of a registration for a newsletter/news alert, they are decisive for the users’ consent. Otherwise, our newsletters contain information about our services and us.

Double opt-in and logging: Registration for the provider’s newsletter is carried out in a double opt-in procedure. This means that you will receive an e-mail in which you are asked to confirm your registration after registration for a newsletter or news alert.

This confirmation is necessary so that no one can register with other e-mail addresses.

The registrations for the newsletter are logged to prove the registration process according to legal requirements.

This includes the storage of the registration and confirmation time, as well as the IP address. Likewise, changes to your data stored with the dispatch service provider are logged.

Registration/Subscription data: To register for the newsletter, it is sufficient to provide your e-mail address and name.

We ask you to provide a first and last name for your personal address in the newsletter/news alert header.

Germany: The dispatch of the newsletter and the associated performance measurement are based on the recipients’ consent following Art. 6 para. 1 lit. an Art. 7 GDPR in conjunction with § 7 para. 2 No. 3 UWG or based on legal permission following § 7 para. 3 UWG.

The logging of the registration process is based on our legitimate interests, according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.

Our interest is directed towards using a user-friendly and secure newsletter/news alert system that serves our business interests, meets the users’ expectations, and allows us to prove consent.

Cancellation/Unsubscribe: You can cancel the receipt of our newsletter at any time, i.e., revoke your consent.

You will find a link to cancel the newsletter in the footer of each newsletter/news alert.

We may store unsubscribed email addresses for up to three years based on our legitimate interests before deleting them to prove consent formerly given.

The processing of this data is limited to the purpose of a possible defense against claims.

An individual deletion request is possible at any time, provided that the former existence of a consent is confirmed simultaneously.

Newsletter (Alert) – Mailing Service Provider

The newsletter service (alert) is sent via the mailing service provider ActiveCampaign, Inc, 1 N Dearborn, 5th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 6060, USA.

You can find the privacy policy of the mailing service provider by clicking the link:

The mailing service provider is used based on our legitimate interest, according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR and a data processing agreement are according to Art. 28 para. 3 p. 1 GDPR.

The mailing service provider may use the recipients’ data in pseudonymous form, i.e., without assignment to a user, to optimize or improve its services, e.g., to technically optimize the newsletter’s mailing and presentation (alert) or for statistical purposes.

However, the mailing service provider does not use our newsletter recipients’ data to write to them or pass the data on to third parties.

The mailing service provider is certified under the Privacy Shield agreement and offers a guarantee of compliance with European data protection law:

Newsletter (Alert) – performance measurement

The newsletters contain a so-called “web beacon,” i.e., a pixel-sized file retrieved from our server when the newsletter service (alert) gets opened. If we use a mailing service provider, the file may get retrieved from their server.

In the course of this retrieval, technical information, such as information about the browser, your operating system, your IP address, and the time of the return to the website, is collected.

This information is used to improve the services based on the technical data or the target audiences and their browsing behavior – depending on their access locations (which can get determined with the help of the IP address) or the access times.

The statistical surveys also include determining whether the newsletter service (alert) is opened. In case they are opened – which links within the alert are clicked.

For technical reasons, the statistical information can be assigned to individual newsletter alert recipients.

However, if applied, it is neither our intention nor that of the dispatch service provider to observe individual users.

The evaluations provide information on reading habits and help us adapt the content to the user preferences or, if necessary, send different content depending on our users’ interests.

About content and the integrated third-party services

We set within our online offer based on our legitimate interests (i.e., interest in the analysis, optimization, and economic operation of our online offer within the meaning of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f. GDPR), we use content or service offers from third parties to integrate their content and services, such as videos or fonts (hereinafter uniformly referred to as “content”).

This always presupposes that the third-party providers of such content are aware of the users’ IP address, as, without the IP address, they would not be able to send the content to their browsers.

The IP address is, therefore, necessary for the display of this content. We make every effort to use only such content whose respective providers use the IP address only to deliver the content.

Third-party providers may also use so-called pixel tags (invisible graphics, also known as “web beacons”) for statistical or marketing purposes.

The “pixel tags” can be used to evaluate information such as visitor traffic on the pages of this website.

The pseudonymous information may also be stored in cookies on the user’s device.

It may contain technical information about the browser and operating system, referring websites, visiting times, and other details about the use of our online offer and being linked to such information from other sources.

Podcast Service Provider

We use the podcast hosting service Spreaker provided by Spreaker Inc.

Spreaker Inc. is a Voxnest Inc. company, 195 Montague Street, 11th Floor; Brooklyn, New York, USA.

The podcast episodes are transmitted via Spreaker to this website and other sites such as Spotify. Users thus have several options to subscribe to the podcast to be informed about new episodes.

Besides, the plug-in provided by Spreaker is integrated into this website via an RSS URL. Spreaker processes IP addresses and device information to enable podcast downloads/playbacks and determine statistical data, such as retrieval statistics.

The use of the evaluations generated by Spreaker is based on our legitimate interests, i.e., interest in a secure and efficient provision, analysis, and optimization of our podcast offer according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f. GDPR.

This data is anonymized or pseudonymized before it is stored in Spreaker’s database unless it is necessary to provide the podcasts.

Further information about the cookies used on Spreaker can be found in their Cookie Policy and opt-out options can be found in Spreaker’s privacy policy under Privacy Policy | Spreaker.

Information on Spreaker’s Terms of Service can be found under Terms of Service | Spreaker.

Comments, Posts, and contributions

If users leave comments or other contributions, their IP addresses may be changed based on our legitimate interests within the meaning of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f. GDPR for 7 days.

This is done for our security if someone leaves illegal content in comments and contributions (insults, prohibited political propaganda, etc.). In this case, we can be prosecuted ourselves for the comment or contribution and are therefore interested in the author’s identity.

Furthermore, we reserve the right based on our legitimate interests, according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f. GDPR, to process the information provided by users for spam detection.

Online presence on Social Media platforms

The provider maintains an online presence within social networks and platforms to communicate with the customers, interested parties, and users active there and inform them about our services.

Their respective operators’ terms and conditions and data processing guidelines apply when accessing the respective networks and platforms.

Unless otherwise stated in our privacy policy, we process users’ data to communicate with us within the social networks and platforms, e.g., write articles on our online presence or send us messages.

About Instagram

Some functions and content from the service Instagram, offered by Instagram Inc, 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA, may be integrated within our online offering.

This may include, for example, content such as images, videos, or text and buttons that allow users to express their favorites regarding the content, the authors of the content, or to subscribe to our articles.

If users are members of the Instagram platform, Instagram may associate access to the above content and functions with the user’s profile. Instagram Privacy Policy:

About LinkedIn

The functions and contents of LinkedIn offered by the LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland, can be integrated within our online offer.

This may include content such as images, videos, or text and buttons that allow users to express their favorites regarding the content, tell the authors of the content, or subscribe to our contributions.

If the users are members of the LinkedIn platform, LinkedIn can assign access to their profiles’ above-mentioned contents and functions. LinkedIn’s privacy policy:

LinkedIn is certified under the Privacy Shield Agreement and offers a guarantee of compliance with European data protection law (

Privacy Policy:; Opt-Out:

About TikTok

Within our online offering, some functions and content of TikTok, offered by TikTok Technology Limited, 10 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin, D02 T380, Ireland, may be integrated.

This may include content such as images, videos, text, and buttons that allow users to express their favorites regarding the content, tell the authors of the content or subscribe to our contributions.

If the users are members of the TikTok platform, TikTok can assign access to the above-mentioned contents and functions to the user profiles there. TikTok’s privacy policy:

About Twitter

This website contains these elements of Twitter (, such as buttons or embedded content of the service Twitter, offered by

Twitter Inc, 795 Folsom St.; Suite 600

San Francisco, CA 94107


With the help of these website elements mentioned above, it is possible, for example, to share a post or page of this offer on Twitter or to follow the provider on Twitter.

Further content, especially individual tweets, can be integrated into the website.

When a user calls up a web page of this website that contains such a web page element, his browser establishes a direct connection with the servers of Twitter.

The content of the website element is transmitted by Twitter directly to the user’s browser.

Therefore, the provider does not influence the scope of the data that Twitter collects with the website elements’ help and informs the users according to its state of knowledge.

According to this, only the user’s IP address, the URL of the respective website is transmitted when the button is referred to but not used for any other purposes than the website element’s display.

Further information on this can be found in Twitter’s privacy policy at

What are your rights regarding marketing communications?

You have the right not to receive marketing communications by checking certain boxes on the provided forms used to collect your personal data.

Besides, you can utilize the opt-out/unsubscribe mechanism in e-mails sent to you. You can also have your personal data removed from our customer management system.

If you wish to exercise this right, please write an e-mail to

In such a case, the personal data stored will be the note that you opted out/unsubscribed to avoid contacting you again.


Please contact for any general questions regarding your personal data usage by the provider, for example, if you:

  • You wish to exercise your rights concerning your personal data rights.
  • You wish to make a complaint about the provider’s use of your data.

You can contact the provider – preferably electronically at or to this address: Aylin Ihnen, Business Consulting & Training, Auebogen 23, 26160 Bad Zwischenahn, Germany.