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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

– Benjamin Franklin –

There are endless ways to improve your skills.

Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly important for trainers to address the specific learning needs of course attendees & students. Teaching skills rather than theories.

Participate in interactive & inclusive programs – that are designed with engaging & practical teaching methods. Learn from practitioners and subject matter experts.


The workshops are designed for instant results! Get help to create a professional online presence today!

Create your brand design – with no graphic design skills!

Utilize the best tools & create via best practices.

  • Brand to differentiate & eliminate competitors!
    For Freelancer, Solopreneurs, Content Creator & Small Businesses
  • 1-Day Workshop
    Dates upon request – max. group-size: 5 people.
  • 199,00 EUR
  • + 19% VAT for businesses based in Germany.

Create your content – with no Copywriting Skills!

Complete the workshop with your first SEO-optimized blog post, and an end-to-end workflow.

  • Copywriting via Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    For anybody who wants to write blog posts
  • 1-Day Workshop

    Dates upon request – max. group-size: 8 people.

  • 149,00 EUR
  • + 19% VAT for businesses based in Germany.

4-Steps to Upskill Your Content Creation Skills

How to enroll in a workshop!

Step 1

Book your workshop

Pick the workshop you would like to attend and book it by clicking the “book now” button.

After the booking – you will receive an e-mail confirmation – including the agenda of the workshop. We also provide 3-dates you can choose from.

Click the button below to request the available dates of the workshop prior to your booking.

Step 2

Confirm Your Preferred Workshop Date

Please provide your favored workshop date timely!

Step 3

Get Start Date & Access to the Workshop

You will be provided with a confirmation of your preferred date, a link to access the online workshop, and a checklist of materials to complete prior to the course.

Please take a look at the samples from prior workshops – which I have uploaded to the carrousel on the right-hand side, i.e. action plan.

Step 4

Lets Kick-off, Launch & Shine

We start the workshop, briefly talking about the theoretical basics, and then we get down to the practical side of things.

Each one of you will leave the seminar with a completed piece of marketing content, which you can publish instantly after the course.


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